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22 July 2008 @ 12:49 am
I got this from Panda Miya!!!

Ah, glad I got that out of my system!
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09 June 2008 @ 10:09 pm
My personality type: the spontaneous idealist. Take the free iPersonic personality test!  This is apparently my personality type.  I am a Spontaneous Idealist.  However, I don't know if this test can accurately categoize the entire human race.  I sometimes had a difficult time choosing, for instance, whether I was an extrovert or an introvert.  Also, while I am creative and come up with ideas implusively, I also observe and analyse things regularly.  I don't think this personality type fully encompasses who I am.  Oh well.  When it comes down to it, no test can completely figure out a person.  We're too complex and different.
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04 June 2008 @ 11:03 pm
Yes...  AkaiHikaru was surfing the web, and stumbled across knowmonsta's Chinen-thon.  Suddenly, a muse decided to throw stuff at her, and out spewed random fanfiction.

Title: Five Time Chinen Spazzed Out Due To Ohno

Pairing(s): Um… a little ChinenxOhno fanboy-ness?  Hints of Yamajima, and maybe even some KeitoChii and Chiimoto?  Some random pairings I throw in because they amuse me?

Rating: G, finally

Summary: Chinen’s Ohno fanboy-ness amuses his bandmates… and sometimes scares them.

Notes: For knowmonsta’s Chinen-Thon!  You know, I just realized that Chinen is the only member of Hey!Say!7 that I still call by his last name…  But—but it’s just so catchy!

Disclaimer:  No, I do not own Johnny’s Entertainment.  If I did, I would change the name, and Yuto never would have worn that hideous, fluffy, pink, sequined shirt in DNA.


Well, I'm glad I got that out of my system.  Now, it's time for what is hopefully going to be my weekly review... or whatever.

I finally bought a copy of Myojo at Kinokuniya last week.  I could never find them before, 'cause they put them in way in the back, where I (being lazy, really) never think to look.  Now I own a copy.  It cost me nine bucks, but was totally worth it...  BECAUSE THERE WAS A YAMAJIMA PIC IN THERE!!!!  Well, actually, Keito was in the pic too, but he didn't count...  YUTO HAD HIS ARM AROUND YAMA-CHAN'S SHOULDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, I must make and icon out of it and rejoice in the knowledge that Yamajima is not dead.  I was starting to worry that it had become like Akame -- nearly extinct in the real world.

Speaking of KAT-TUN, I was mad at the people who dressed them for that photoshoot.  I'm not a big Jin fan, but our beloved Akanishi was in a loose pink shirt and baggy grey sweatpants.  He looked vaguely like he had just gotten out of the hospital, and while I know it's probably just me, I was sad, because KAT-TUN isn't nearly as tightly knit as they were before, either.  Heck, they've never really been about the "member-ai" at all.  It makes me sad.  But I still like they're music style a lot, even the (what Koki think's is Japanese) rap.

I have to go now.  I must shower and sleep.  Tomorrow, we bring the sets to Langston Hughes (the theater, smart people).  Ah, the price (and back pain) I pay for drama. 

EDIT:  There are many grammatical errors in this post.  Please ignore them, I'm tired as a cat lying in a sunbeam at one in the afternoon.
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26 May 2008 @ 08:11 pm

Hello, readers!  You all may have noticed that I am pathetically slow with posts... and probably shall continue to be for the next two weeks!!!  I'm sorry, forgive me, but I have the school play coming up in two weeks, and because someone else (who has no understudy) may not be present I have to learn their entire part before the curtain rises!  HELP ME!!!!!!!!  (It's Shakespeare, too.  Luckily, I have only one monologue and not very many lines.)  Now I only have to worry about MY understudy learning all of her lines...  I really hope she took her part seriously, she barely ever shows up to class!!!  Maybe I should grab one of my other theatrically inclined friends to learn the part...  ^^;;;

Okay, that was a rant I DID NOT need.  But, as to the lateness of my chapters, I have to admit, the play is not the only thing keeping me.  I, alas, have started another Tantei Gakuen Q fanfiction, a KyuuxRyuu -- involving vampires.  I KNOW, IT'S CLICHE!!!  DON'T KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

However, I shall attempt to finish the next chapters of Realism in Acting and The Chocolate Shoppe on Tsukishiro Street as soon as I possibly can.  Thank you for your patience!

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A.N.:  Hi everyone!  This is the prologue for my new Yamajima fic, sorry that it's not a full chapter... but it is over 1,000 words!!!  That must count for something!  Anyways, I blame my lack of more writing on the fact that I spent the last bit of my prom crying over my ex-boyfriend.  :'(  But now I'm over him, I think.  Which is good.  And writing Yamajima fluff has made me feel better.  :D  So without further ado...  The ratings, warnings, summary and disclaimer compilation!!

Title: The Chocolate Shoppe on Tsukishiro Street (Prologue/?)
Pairing: Yamajima (Yamada Ryosuke x Nakajima Yuto, for future reference)
Rating: PG for this chapter (will reach R in future chapters)
Warnings: Um... Hikaru's weirdness?  Obscene fluff?  I think I'm good.
Summary: It is Yamada Ryosuke's birthday.  After being successfully woken up by his best friend, Nakajima Yuto, at 12:02 AM, his birthday proceeds like all the ones before until he tries one of the chocolates Yuto gave him as a present.  After experiencing an amazing day that leaves him wondering about his and Yuto's relationship, he visits the Chocolate Shoppe on Tsukishiro Street, the shop the chocolates came from.  Inside, he discovers not only a spectacular array of sweets, but a promise that anything can happen, even one's truest desires can be revealed...
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the Chocolate Shoppe and those who run it.  I am not Johnny-san.  Do I look like an old guy with a talent agency filled with pretty, pretty boys?  No.  We are done here.

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09 May 2008 @ 11:19 pm
Yay~!  It's Yamada-kun's birthday!  Otanjyoubi omedetou, Yama-chan!

I know that, technically, his birthday is over because it's no longer May 9th in Japan, but I figure it counts, since it's still the 9th where I am.  Gotta give a girl some credit for staying up this late to wish someone they don't know a happy birthday (especially when said person will probably never read this).

For our adorable Ryosuke's birthday, I planned to write at least one oneshot centered around chocolate, by suggestion of hyper_sama.  However, said oneshot has evolved into a multi-chapter fic surrounding a chocolate shop.  The first chapter starts on Yamada's birthday, and it will continue from there.  I will finish and post the first chapter tomorrow morning (if I can, I might have to actually post on Sunday).  I am almost done, and am sorry that I have not posted a full blown birthday fanfic... BUT YOU'RE REALLY GETTING MORE!  REMEMBER THAT!!!

The fic will be titled, The Chocolate Shoppe on Tsukishiro Street, and will be posted in the Yamajima community.  See you all tomorrow!
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06 May 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Hi, everyone!  (That is, the ONE person who actually reads my journal -- if there are anymore, please let me know.  I will friend you and bombard you with virtual gifts.)  Anyway, I am posting because I have not posted in a long time.  Now, I will update, and thus let you know about the current status of my life.

One day before Sakura Con, my ex-boyfriend and I got back together.  We had only actually been together for a week, about a month before.  We broke up because, while we were perfectly fine as friends, as boyfriend and girlfriend, we weren't communicating.  After a month of me considering, and him occasionally bringing up the topic of our relationship while we reconnected, we got back together.  Last week, he broke up with me, with good reason.  Once again, it wasn't working.  We had tried to fix it, and it went splendidly for a couple weeks, but then we fell apart again.  It is finally settled.  We are much better as very good friends than we ever will be as lovers.  Glad that's over with, and now I won't waste prom (yes, I'm a freshman, but since my high may never get together enough funds to have another prom, everyone is going) dancing only with someone I will never have a relationship with.  We are still going together as friends, but really, we're just tagging along with the rest of our very small and family-like drama department.  Maybe I'll ask Leroy to dance...  Okay... ONWARD!!!

KYAAAA!!!!!!  Yamada-kun's birthday is in three days!  I must write birthday oriented oneshots for his b-day!  MUST.  START.  TYPING!!  ...But what should I type about?  Hmm... FIRST PERSON WHO POSTS GETS TO DECIDE THE FIRST IDEA I WORK ON!!!!!!!!  And if you read Realism in Acting, don't worry, this will only delay the updating process by three days.  :)

Unfortunately, I don't have much time to spare... DX  My school is basically trying to wrap everything up before June, so I have a shitload of Trigonometry work, plus a prison cell to build, a 300 frame animation to finish recording (and its 300 frame sequel to finish drawing -- 100 frames to go!), a play to finish rehearsing (Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and though I'm only playing Curio + First Officer, I also have to understudy Malvolio, which is a very difficult, yet wonderful role), two paintings to finish painting (I have June for these), and a website to complete.  Not to mention prom (I still need shoes) and Spirit Fest, for which I must complete a costume for cosplaying Roll (MegaMan NT Warrior) for the anime committee booth, as well as tracking down cheap anime for the raffle and baking for TWO separate bake sales.  And considering the crowd, I have two perfect two of my highly demanded desserts for each.  (For anime -- two beautiful and delicious cakes to raffle off, and either one of them has to be a cheesecake, or containing strawberries (my goal).  For drama -- two batches of my famous black bottom cupcakes, and upside-down chocolate chip flats.  They're chocolate chip cookies that are baked, strategically flattened, and baked again.  Served upside-down, flattest side up.)

GOD, what a month.  I can't wait for the summer... oh, WAIT!  I'm busy as hell then, too!!  Sigh... I'll write about that later.  G'night.
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Yes!  This weekend, I went to Sakura-Con, my first anime/manga/gaming/random asian stuff convention EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I finally had both the money, the time, and the foresight to make it to Sakura-Con this year.  I stayed with a firend who lived close to the convention center in Seattle, and spent the next three days in Japanophile and anime heaven.  

While I was there, I got three gorgeous prints from Artists' Alley, two Fullmetal Alchemist yaoi doushinji (mild, mind you, I'm more into fluff when it comes to RoyxEd), two figurines (Evangelion and Card Captor Sakura), a mokona hat, an Edward Elric plushie (EDO-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!), a Gaara plushie keychain, a signed copy of Bizengaust Volume One, the first FMA DVD signed by Ed's voice actor, Vic Mignogna (which I waited THREE HOURS to get!), and a new sketchbook and sketch set, which I plan to use to draw doushiji, fanart, and original manga in the next two years until I can become worthy of a booth in Artists' Alley.

The prints I got are beautiful.  I got a signed print of an amazing drawing of Ed and Al from FMA, a sketch of Alphonse in the rain, and a print of an absolutely LUSCIOUS watercolor of Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club.  It is a lovely yaoi drawing of the two.  I was forced by the BL gods to buy it.

If anyone is willing to translate my doushiji from Japanese to English, let me know!  My slight knowledge has allowed me to get the gist of it, but I will take pains to scan it if you want to translate it for people.  I will be willing to lock post it on a few communities, though I try to support the artists and suggest people buy their own copies.  There is a certain magic of owning doushinji that you just can't get over the web.

Well, I will try to wrap up my superbly long post.  In short, I bought stuff, watched anime, read manga, attended panels, met voice actors, authors, and cosplayers, and in general had a blast.  Next year, I plan to enter the cosplay contest with a skit of my own!  :D

Apostscript: Anyone who would like fancam footage of Vic Mignogna's musical performance, comment!  He performs the DNAngel theme, a well known FMA song, and many original pieces, including the well-known tribute to filler characters, "Solider A"!
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24 March 2008 @ 12:01 am

Title: Realism in Acting (2/?)

Fandom: Tantei Gakuen Q

Pairing: KyuuxRyuu (this has nothing to do with dominance in their relationship)

Warnings: Possibilities of future violence, swearing, and there is now a bit of (kinda) mature content -- yes, two boys are in love, deal with it.

Rating: PG-15, and if you’re sensitive to anything even slightly sexual, run away – boy on boy here!  (Duh.)

Summary: Ryuu comes clean about his orientation, and Kyuu and Kinta have some revealing to do as well.  However, right when Megu, Kinta and Kazuma are ready to launch a teasing attack, Nanami-sensei informs them of their next mission -- investigate a threatening letter sent to a director.  But to make sure no one is harmed, they're going to have to go backstage and on the set, and some of the actors will find themselves in interesting positions.  (Oh, and I’ve decided that they’re all a little older than they were in the drama.  Time has passed, people.)  (Just a note – no one can steal the storyline I use in the movie.  I fully intend to write it out and post it for reading pleasure.  That, or write an actual movie script and get it reviewed… -fantasizes-)  I’m sorry for taking so lone to post this!!!  Don’t kill me!!!!!!!!!!  (Or if you do, make it as painless as possible!!)

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own Tantei Gakuen Q, don't be silly.  All production companies, directors, actors, references to T.V. shows, and movies are false.  This disclaimer goes for all future chapters, and I might add some more on.  So leave me alone, dammit!  I don't have enough money for you to sue me!





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18 March 2008 @ 05:19 pm
What is one of your favorite memories?
 I have so many wonderful memories.  I remember running from fantastical creatures on the playground with my oldest friend, sleepovers with my two best friends from my first elementary school, meeting my best friend at the next one and our crazy sleepovers and traditions, gardening with my father, baking with my mother, staying at my grandparents' houses, and cracking open a coconut and boat racing in Hawaii.  My favorite memory, I think, is from Hawaii, actually.  I spent hours helping my friend's older sister's friend's little brother, who was a year younger than me, with his stamp collection.  He claimed to not like me very much.  Considering that, we spent an awful lot of time together.  I think I got along with him more than my brother did because we were closer in age -- that is, if you could consider the relationship we had "getting along".  We argued a lot, yet somehow we were able to stand each other for three straight weeks.  I even made him a mini-aquarium with fake fish in it for Christmas while we were there.  I haven't spoken to him for over a year, but according to his mom, he still has it.
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